Disaster Amateur Radio Network

Based in Southern California, the Disaster Amateur Radio Network is a friendly, member-supported, closed repeater network consisting of 45+ repeaters on 6-Meters, 2-Meters, 220MHz, 440MHz, 900MHz, and 1200MHz, which are primarily interconnected utilizing full-duplex RF links. This linked repeater network covers most of Southern California, and extends into portions of Lake Tahoe, Colorado, and Florida.

DARN actively supports the community by allowing several local emergency communications groups to utilize our network for their activities. Some of these groups include the Los Angeles Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the Los Angeles Regional Red Cross.

If our organization appeals to your values and you have a desire to be more involved in both the Amateur Radio Service and public service, please visit our Membership page for more information. Or if you simply wish to support DARN, please consider donating to our organization.

On the air since 1959 – K6VGP