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Serving Los Angeles & all of Southern California 



DARN 904 now in operation on 927.250/-25Mhz (902.250) PL 100 on Verdugo Peak

This repeater is stand alone and repeats either P-25 digital or analog



New Site installed on Toro Peak 8750 feet above Palm Springs and the Salton Sea DARN 14

220 and 6 meter reapeaters on the air fully connected to system 

Micronode (Echolink & IRLP + Dick van Dyke) BACK ON LINE

Click here for up to date system Status and coverage of all sites


IRLP Node 3556 is on the air  as is  Echolink Node 8722



L to R KI6FGV, N6VI, K6VGP at Mt W


Marty  N6V  I on  the  Mt W tower         Verdugo     Repairs      4/21/12


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>> Why use Duplex ... DARN is a FULL DUPLEX system .. Here is why you SHOULD use it at all times <<

Remote Screen


The DARN system is a friendly privately funded closed system. If you are interested, get on one of the frequencies

    below  and listen for for a few days.  If you like what you hear, Have a look at   "Membership Information"  

and if what you see in terms of membership requirements and privileges meets with your approval,

feel free to take a test drive of the system,  then if you are still interested  ask an existing member to

recommend you for membership through our existing member referral program.                   


To listen to a live feed from the DARN system go to



440 Repeaters ... Interconnected to System full time

Palos Verdes Hub,  DARN  1     446.740 -  PL 100.0

Mt. Disappointment,  DARN  2     446.240 -  PL  100.0

Mt  Wilson,                DARN  3     446.940 -  PL  100.0 

Verdugo Peak,            DARN  4     445.260 -  PL 100.00

Saddle Peak,            DARN  5     445.820 -  PL  100.0

Hi Palos Verdes,       DARN  6     445.280 -  PL  100.0

                             ..                    Santiago Peak        DARN  7     448.920 -  PL  103.5   (xmts 88.5 PL) (CLARA radio)

.    Hi Desert Palmdale   DARN 8     446.740 -  PL  107.2    

.      Otay  Mountain,     San  Diego     DARN  9     447.440 -  PL  107.2  (xmts 100.0 PL)

 Magic Mtn (Hiway 14 & Santa Clarita)    DARN 10    449.640  -  PL  114.8                               .

Santa Ynez Peak (Santa Barbara & N) DARN 11    448.920 -   PL  100.0                           .

 Cougar Peak, North County, San Diego DARN 12     447.360 -  PL     91.5                               .

Johnstone    Peak,    DARN 13     447.600 -  PL  100.0

Toro Peak 8717 ft above Palm Springs    DARN 14     445.280 -  PL  114.8                               . 


Two Meter Repeaters .... Interconnected to system  full time

Two Meters, 147.36+ DARN 20     Voted Receive             PL 100.0    Transmit Mt Wilson

Two Meters, 147.36+ DARN 21     Palos Verdes receive  PL   97.4    Transmit Mt Wilson

Two Meters, 147.36+ DARN 24     Verdugo receive          PL 107.2    Transmit Mt Wilson

Two Meters, 147.36+ DARN 25     Saddle Peak receive   PL 114.8    Transmit Mt Wilson

Two Meters, 147.30+ DARN 29     Otay Mountain   (San Diego)  PL 107.2    ( xmts 100.0 PL)


440 DMR Digital  Repeater (Mototurbo) 


440 DMR,     449.200, Color Code: 7 - DARN 33      Mt Wilson  

(Open & Stand Alone, open & Operated by affilate W6NVY)

449.200 is operated on the BrandMeister system


Timeslot 1                                                        14736      DARN

This talkgroup is ALWAYS on (Static)and be used on ANY BrandMeister-connected repeater for DARN

members to contact each other without using other public Talkgroups.

Timeslot 1                                                      310604    CARLA

Timeslot 2                            Loca l (Mt Wilson Repeater Only)

Timeslot 2  31066  So Cal ... an always on SoCal talk group

Other Talkgroups

31067         So Cal 1

31068           Nor Cal

3106         California

31066     Call zone 6

3176        Southwest

3100      Nationwide

93   North America

91          Worldwide

310           TAC 310




Two Meters, 147.195 + DARN 41      Palos Verdes  PL 100.0 (Operated by affilliate W6NVY)

The repeater is open and stand alone .... not connected to the system


11.2 Ghz Repeaters ... Interconnected to system full time

Palos Verdes,           DARN 31    1286.900 - PL  100.0

Mt. Disappointment,  DARN 32    1287.200 - PL  100.0

Verdugo Peak,          DARN 34    1286.600 - PL  100.0

Saddle Peak,            DARN 35    1286.700 - PL  100.0


6 Meter Repeater ... Interconnected to system full time

Mt. Disappointment,  DARN 62    51.960 - PL  100.0

Echolink    Node  8722    (K6VGP-R)

IRLP     Node  3556   (K6VGP)


220 Repeater ... Interconnected to system full time

Mt. Disappointment,  DARN 220    224.56 - PL  114.8


900Mhz Repeater stand alone on 927.250

DARN 904 on Verdugo Peak 927.250/902.250 inut PL 100

DARN 904 (on DARN 4 site) repeats either P-25 (NAC 818) or analog


To listen to a feed from the DARN system go to


Packet Operations on DARN

The following are packet radio stations operated by DARN member/affiliate KK6QMS. All operate on 145.050MHz FM. A hardware/software TNC and 2m radio are all that are needed to utilize this system which is esp well suited to disaster scanarios. For questions, comments, or to report a problem, email:

                                                                                         Venice Beach- Node/BBS/Chat

                                                                QMSBPQ:KK6QMS-7   Venice Area BPQ Packet Switch Node

                                                                                           Magic Mtn- Node/BBS/Chat

                                                                MGCBPQ:KK6QMS-8   Santa Clarita BPQ Packet Switch Node

                                                                                    Verdugo Peak- Node/digipeater

                                                                            VERDGO - node with Listen and CQ features

                                                                                                    VERDGO-3 - digipeater



The DARN system is a privately funded closed interlinked  multichannel, multiband wide area coverage repeater system that has been on the  air  since 1959. We have an autopatch,10 Meter,  2 Meter, and  440 Mhz  remotes,   Echolink IRLP, we are a Cactus Affiliate, and many other "bells and whistles".   We  support   the       Hospital Disaster Support CommunicationsSystem   of  Orange   County ,   the   Los Angeles   Section  of  the     Amateur Radio Emergency Service  (ARES) serving  the   greater Los  Angeles Area,  and the South Bay Emergency Communications Servirce Inc  group  serving the Beach Cities. We are always looking for a few new good members. Get  on one  of the frequencies above,  drop  by  and  listen a while.   If  you  are  interested, click  on Membership just below:


Weekly Nets on the DARN system:        

Sunday 0930    PARC Party Line (Palisades Amateur Radio Club)

Sunday 1930    QCWA weekly net                                                .

.            Sunday 1945     DARN Chat Net hosted by Sam KK6HMP & Mike AE6VM

Monday 1850   South Bay ECSInc. weekly net                             

   Monday  2100   Los  Angeles  ARES   weekly  net                          .

 Last   Tuesday   2000   Los Angeles High Desert ARES Net               .                 

Wednesday 1900   Los Angeles ARES (S.District) weekly net

.       Thursday 1900  LA County Regional Red Cross weekly net           

Thursday  2000   Los Angeles ARES (NE District) weekly net          .


Monthly     Brunch


Below are pictures of the DARN brunch Saturday Apri 14th. Our next DARN

Brunch will be SaturdayMay 12th.  See you there.


Click Here to see Previous DARN Brunch pictures


147.360 - 446.740 - 446.240 - 446.640 - 445.280 - 445.820 - 1283.250 - 1284.500 - 1285.000



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VIEW FROM VERDUGO PEAK ... 3000 feet above the San Fernnando Valley

VIEW FROM MT. DISAPPOINTMENT ... 6000 feet above Pasadena 

VIEW FROM PALOS VERDES HUB ... 800 feet above Torrance



                                                                                                  Repairs at Verdugo April 21, 2012 ... almost fallen two meter antenna!



Bill (W6ZRZ) & Carl (KF6NSW) working on Verdugo circa 1998^^




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